Meth Residue Testing

Methamphetamine Screening / Testing

Did you know that Australia has the highest level of Meth Users per capita, in the western world?  Since 2011, the number of users in Australia has tripled.

Meth Users, are currently one the biggest problems within rental properties, as regular smoking of Meth inside, can contaminate the home to the same dangerous levels as you will find in a Meth Lab.  Meth is destroying lives, and can destroy your house or investments.  Regular screening of rental properties is advised, to know when and who may have contaminated your property, as well as making sure your legal requirement as a landlord has been fulfilled to provide a house safe for habitation.
The health risks to humans living in a Meth contaminated house include:

  • Eye and skin irritation
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory problems – especially for those suffering from asthma
  • Behaviour problems in young children
  • Sleep pattern changes
  • Increased susceptibility to illness

When to screen a property?  For peace of mind, a Meth Test Screen should be carried in these instances:
– Screening Between Tenants- Pre Purchase Screening- Pre Sales Screening

We can provide and instant test, which is a fast and cost effective way of knowing if the place you are about to buy, is contaminated.  This test is 97.6% accurate, and will instantly tell you if there is a contamination over the un-acceptable level of0.5mg/100cm2.

The most accurate test, is the laboratory test, which will indicate the exact level of contamination.  These lab results usually are back within a few days.

If you have a property that has Meth Contamination, we can assist you with how to deal with the De-Contamination process.