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Be it commercial buildings, theatres, hotels, homes; rugs and carpets can add up to the elegance, comfort and warmth to the spaces. However, the stains, dirt and odour make the carpet look faded and discolored after a certain time. This is why carpet cleaning is much essential.

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Why Is Carpet Cleaning Essential?

Here is why cleaning your carpet is essential.

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Steam Cleaning

If carpets are left for years without attention, they can start to collect dust mites and produce allergens. Cleaning it takes more than just running a vacuum over it every few weeks. You might not be able to see it, but unclean material harbours all sorts of dirt, bacteria and allergens – including dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, insects, and other particles deep in the material. This can lead to a weaker immune system, skin problems, and respiratory problems. Pay close attention to the areas that receive high foot traffic. These spots will require intensive cleaning every six months. Steam Cleaning is the solution for you. At Adelaide & Hills Carpet Cleaning, we can create a carpet maintenance schedule for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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"Robert is professional and does a great job. We used him for an end of lease carpet clean, as well as cleaning carpets for moving into a new house. On both jobs he did a great job, even removing stains we thought he couldn't remove. No stress - too easy!"
- Bryan Dawn Stewart
"Absolutely fantastic, professional, thorough service. Robert is an absolute gentleman and his skills are world class. He made our floors look BRAND NEW and he was so accommodating with his availability. We highly recommend him!"
- Jorja Jagger Scott
"Robert was professional and friendly he did an amazing job on my carpets and lounge suite I didn't think that it was possible to get my carpets so clean again. Definitely going to use Robert again and recommend him."
Dave Roberts
"Very friendly and helpful. The carpets came up really well considering the marks that were in them. Robert went over one bad carpet three times, with different methods to try and get the marks out. Very thorough, excellent job. Thank you Adelaide Hills and Carpet Cleaning."
- Sarah D
"Exceptional cleaning, highly recommend. I have used numerous other cleaning companies in the past and no one comes even close to providing a comparable service. Robert is courteous, prompt, and the level of steam cleaning is superb."
- Kathy Davey

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